Looking to get out of the house?

Our Catholic faith was never meant to be bottled up. We have been called to go out into the world, bringing our faith with us. That's why Sacred Heart is dedicated to creating opportunities for you to to move beyond the church building or parish campus and experience Christ in the world! So take a look at what we have to offer and begin a journey in the faith you won't soon forget!

We offer numerous opportunities for you to grow in your faith while building friendships that will last a life time. Oh and did I mention that we have tons of fun too! Continue reading on this page in order to learn more about these incredible events!

This year have begun attending a Life Teen Camp called Covecrest in Georgia. If you would like to see what a week at this camp in the mountains looks like watch the video below.

Sign ups for this amazing camp are TBD.

If you want to spend a crazy weekend rocking out with other teens and praising God like you never though possible. Steubenville is the weekend for you. Don't believe me just watch the video listed below.

Sign ups for Steubenville are TBD