Saint Paul’s Outreach ministers to college students as they make choices that affect the rest of their life. College campuses are battlegrounds, fighting for the hearts and minds of students and drawing them in every direction. Saint Paul’s Outreach builds transformational communities that form lifelong missionary disciples. This is the call that Christ gave us in the gospels; to “go forth and make disciple of all nations.” In an age where many of the people around us have lost sight of God, SPO seeks to live out the New Evangelization, preaching the gospel to people who have become desensitized to the gospel.

Former Sacred Heart School student, Kevin Kubelka, is becoming a missionary with SPO, and he is currently building his team of prayer and financial support to be a missionary at FSU this year, helping to lead students closer to Christ. For more information about SPO, go to or contact Kevin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (936) 520-7980; he would love to share more about the ministry! To support SPO’s ministry, go to and select your preferred way to donate; where Missionary Name is under “Gift Preferences,” fill in Kevin Kubelka.