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Prelude Song:

 Ave Maria (Schubert)  Ave Maria (Norbet)
 Hail Mary: Gentle Woman  


Gathering Song Choices

  Be Not Afraid (Dufford)   Keep in Mind (Deiss)
  On Eagle's Wings (Joncas)   Here I Am Lord (Schutte)


Responsorial  Psalm:

 Shepherd Me, O God (Ps. 23) (Haugen)  To You, O Lord (Ps. 25) (Soper)
 My Soul is Thirsting (Ps.63) (Angrisano)  The Lord is My Shepherd (Ps. 23) (Blakesley)


Preparation Song:

 Eye Has Not Seen (Haugen)  The King of Love My Shepherd Is
 Hosea (Norbet)  Turn To Me (Foley)
 I Have Loved You (Joncas)  You Are Mine (Haas)
 Prayer of St. Francis (Temple)  The Lord is My Light (Walker)
 How Great Thou Art (Hine)  Come to Me (Norbet)
 10,000 Reasons (Redman)  Whatsoever You Do


Communion Procession:

 One Bread, One Body (Foley)  Gift of Finest Wheat (Kreutz)
 Eat This Bread (Taize)  Taste and See (Moore)
 The Supper of the Lord (Rosania)  Unless a Grain of Wheat (Farrell)
 I Am the Bread of Life (Talbot)  


Communion Meditation:

 Amazing Grace  You Are Near (Schutte)
 Center of My Life (Inwood) Center of My Life (Inwood)  Lord, I Need You (Maher)
 By Name I Have Called You (Landry)  


Procession to the Place of Committal:

 I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Soper)  I Will Rise (Tomlin)
 We will Rise Again (Haas)  Jerusalem My Destiny
 I Am the Bread of Life (Toolan)
 I Can Only Imagine (Millard)